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Compramos Cálculos Biliares Bovinos / Pedra de Fel


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Hong Kong Jixiang Limited, based in China mainland, has been in the natural ox gallstones business since the 1990s. Our prestigious reputation in the domestic market was firmly established by honesty and integrity. Currently, we are buying ox gallstones in China mainland as well as in Hong Kong. Due to our long-term cooperative relationship with major Chinese pharmaceutical factories, we can always offer the top price to sellers on a global basis. Here is our trading history for the recent 1 year.

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ox gallstones

OX GALLSTONES has several different names such as Cow gallstones, Cattle gallstones, Bezoar Bovis, or Niu Huang. They are mineral deposits found in the gallbladders of oxen or cows.


They are typically orange or brown in color and the size can vary from a small pea to a hens-egg. Since ancient times, ox gallstones have been used in traditional Chinese medicine 

Based on the quality and shape, ox gallstones are classified into six grades (whole, broken, powder, hard stone, black stone, and pipe stone). The photos below are representative examples of each grade.

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  • We buy all grades of ox gallstones except artificial ones.

  • Our payment currency is USD, EUR, HKD, or CNY. The payment method can be T/T, Cash (if you visit us), or Paypal for small quantities.  

  • The payment is made within 2 working days after we receive ox gallstones in air shipping. In the case of face-to-face deals in Hong Kong or China mainland, we pay on the same day.​

  • Before you ship your ox gallstones, we recommend you send us a clear photo for getting good idea of price.

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